Project title: Restoration of the Teleki Castle in Coltau

Beneficiary: Municipality of Coltau

General purpose:  refurbishment, conservation and sustainable development of the Teleki Castle in Coltau, as a local and historical heritage.

The goals of the project shall bring following results:

– Reinforcement, refurbishment of the Teleki Castle in Coltau, as a local and historical heritage, in accordance with the current structural and architectural requirements.
– 5% growth in terms of average annual number of visitors at the historical venue, within 36 months after the completion of the investment.
– creating 3 new jobs (as set out in the call for tender) will directly and significantly raise the quality of life 3 persons and their families, furthermore will indirectly contribute to the decrease of unemployment and to cut poverty on a regional level.

Application start time: 13.09.2020

Application deadline: 13.09.2020

Total value of the project: RON 6.815.581,50
Non-refundable EU funds: RON 5.781.989,26 (85 %)
Non-refundable funds from national budget: RON 884.304,24 (13 %)
Supported co-financing by the Beneficiary: RON 136.046,81 (2 %)
Non-supported costs (VAT): RON 13.241,19
Total supported value: RON 6.802.340,31

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Further information available:

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Organism Intermediar

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